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InstallShield Express for Visual Basic 4.0
Get InstallShield Express for Visual Basic 4.0 B4.-- The Professional Installation Software for Professional Visual Basic Application Developers. InstallShield Express Visual Basic 4.0 brings the reliability and flexibility of InstallShield to Visual Basic installation programs. InstallShield Express for Visual Basic offers complete support for OCX controls, automatic Visual Basic project review and file detection. InstallShield Express Visual Basic Edition is included with Visual Basic 4.0 Unleashed by Sams Publishing and Visual Basic 4 Network Gaming Adventure Set By David Allen.
DemoShield4 for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/NT.-- The smart new way to create demos and tutorials of your Visual Basic applications. Download an evaluation copy of DemoShield4 now.
Donut - Netscape Plugin
Donut is a program and programming language that allows a Visual Basic form file to be transmitted over the internet and viewed on your computer as a form. This form will then interact with your web browser to send or request information. It has been tested and works with Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and several variations of Mosaic. Donut will allow creation of web forms that give the author more control over exactly what the form will look like, allows interaction between the Donut program and the user's browser, and allows processing of form information on the user's computer instead of on the server. Donut is available without charge to end users. You may make copies of Donut files available to your organization free of charge, provided that all associated files and documentation is included.
Internet ActiveX Controls
Imagine having the power of the Internet wrapped up in a small package. That's what you get with the new Internet ActiveX™ Controls (formerly called OLE controls) which combine the versatility of controls with the power of the most up-to-date Internet protocols. Start building custom browsers, integrated file viewing applications, newsgroup readers, mail clients and more. Download the Internet ActiveX Controls and Control Samples for Winsock TCP Sample, FTP Sample, HTTP Sample, Network News Explorer Sample, Mail Sample, HTML Sample, now.
Microsoft Visual Basic Home Page
Gives all the dirt on the release of Visual Basic 4.0 and links to Microsoft's For Developers Only forum which brings you the latest news from the Microsoft Developer Network team, information about development-related products, services, and events, and strategic overviews of Microsoft operating systems and relevant client-server, database, and development technologies. And now you can download a demo of Visual Basic 4.0!
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