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Interactive Groups

Ask Dr. VB!
Ask The VB Guru! (J. Kyle Rickett's page)
Ask the VB Pro
Ask the VB Pro is a free service provided to the Visual Basic user community on the Internet. Ask the VB Pro provides answers to Visual Basic questions submitted via e-mail. Questions that are answered are published here twice a month.
Portland Visual Basic User Group
Great VB User Group site with lots of listings.
The Visual Basic Programmer's Journal Development Exchange
This is the most comprehensive source of information and tools for Microsoft Windows Developers: Visual Basic Programmer's Journal, Catalogs and listings (VB, VC++, OLE, Back Office, Access and Visual Fox), VBITS Conferences, VB CD, FTP Books, and information on our CompuServe Forums.
Visual Basic Developer's Network (Chicago Chapter)
The fastest growing network of Visual Basic Developer's in the world. They are sponsored by several VB Product Vendors and by Fawcett Technical Publications. They have recently formed a satelite group in Dayton, Ohio. And they have the most comprehensive and elaborate Visual Basic related Web Page on the Internet.
Wild Web of Visual Basic!
The Wild Web of Visual Basic is here to help the novice Visual Basic programmer with everyday problems encountered while learning Visual Basic.
San Diego Visual Basic Users Group
The Atlanta Visual Basic Users Group Homepage

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